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  • Avishai Shalev

    Co-Founder & Co-CEO

    The Co-founder & Co-SEO of Aceline-Group, he has been the ship's captain from the beginning and has sailed it to the successful behemoth it is today. He is...

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  • Gabriel Fridman

    Co-Founder & Co-CEO

    Being the Co-Founder & Co-CEO & CMO in the Industry is a tough task, thankfully he was here to man the helm and lead the company where it needed to go. He is...

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  • Idan Ashtamker


    As the CTO, you will lead our technology team in developing and executing the company's technical strategy, managing our technical staff, and identifying new...

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  • Daniel Ben Simon

    Head R&D

    As Head of R&D, you will lead our team in designing and delivering innovative products that meet customer needs and advance our strategic objectives. You will...

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  • Gina Kennedy


    As we help other companies grow, she helps us grow. She handles all the internal work at WP consulting and ensures that employees and stakeholders are happy....

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  • Fernando Torres

    Tax Consultant

    Tax laws and regulations are some of the most complicated and infuriating parts of the financial industry. Which is why we are lucky to have Him as our head...

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